Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change in plans for Memorial day!

As for my memorial day, of all people mickey rourke is moving into my building, and because of him,  i spent the day NOT riding my  new cute italian blue bike because one of his 'assistants' changed the lock to the garbage area where we all have had access til now (and i have kept my bike locked to the bars outside his laundry room...before it was 'his' laundry room) we'll see how this all plays out, but it's not the best greeting card for a new resident or not to change the locks on a lock all of the only 6 other residents have had (some for 50 years) without so much as an explanation or a warning. it's totally unattractive way to join the building community and i will happily tell his (can you say just a WEE bit younger) russian girlfriend the same same...so when i wasn't yearning for my bike, i had my lovely neighbor over for yummy margaritas after a deep spring cleaning of the west village's most tiny darlin' apartment.

Did anyone do anything fun for memorial day weekend?

Megan Griswold- Lost and Found


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

About Megan Griswold

Megan is a writer who's just completed her first book. Thrilled to be coming up for air to curate fresh material for “megan. lost and found." She's earned a masters degree in International relations from Yale University and holds   a licentiate in Classical Acupuncture, and has had a million different jobs in between.

Megan Griswold- Lost and Found


About Sarah Ohlson

Sarah lives with her dog in Santa Barbara.  To keep them in kibble, kale and a view of the ocean, she works as a writer.  Her bliss is found about five times a week, 30 minutes into a Yoga Soup class, when she is able to drop the duality between what she does and who she is. She is deeply, deliriously in love with a man she hasn't met yet. But when she does meet him, it's gonna be great.  It already is great.

About Michelle Auerbach

Michelle is a writer and journalist living in Boulder, Colorado.  Her work has been published widely in literary journals, magazines, and newspapers including Denver Quarterly, The New York Times, and Edible Front Range.  Michelle is the winner of the Northern Colorado Writer¹s Short Fiction Contest for 2011.

About Dana Scanlan

Shortly after graduating from UCLA, Dana landed a job in television production and was instantly smitten with the entertainment business. She embarked on an amazing adventure that included drama, travel, intrigue, frustration and despair (sometimes all in one day) navigating the inner workings of Hollywood. After over ten years developing and producing TV and feature films for major production companies and studios; working with some big time producers, directors, actors and writers shepherding and nurturing their projects, Dana yearned to develop her own stories. So, without looking back, she teamed up with (love interest) Adam and they wrote their first screenplay. Happily, it was well received. The first screenplay led to many meetings, a few assignments, some paid writing gigs and finally the satisfaction of bringing her own stories to life.
A native Californian transplanted in New York City, Dana’s adventure continues. She writes screenplays, is working on her first novel, doing some marketing and social media consulting and happily living in a postage stamp-sized apartment in the lovely west village with her sweetie Adam and Lulu the wonder dog.

About Nina Mcconigley

The jackalope is my spirit animal. Maybe because it’s magical, or maybe because I like all things mixed up. 
I like antlers, covered wagons, champagne, and geology. I was born in Singapore and grew up in Wyoming. 
The more serious stuff: I have an MFA in Fiction from the University of Houston. I’ve been awarded scholarships to the Sewanee and Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, and a fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center. I’ve been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and for The Best New American Voices. My work has appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, American Short Fiction, Asian American Literary Review, Puerto del Sol, and Forklift, Ohio. Most recently, I have been teaching at the University of Wyoming and have completed a short-story collection, Cowboys and East Indians.
And where I’ll live once the school year ends…as Holly Golighlty said on her cards in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: traveling. Between Wyoming, England, India, and Austin. 
twitter: ninawyo
website: www.ninamcconigley.com
email: ninalostandfound@gmail.com

This amazing photo is taken by Dean Kaden!